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Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Luke 13:31-35. This passage is a lesson that God's plans and goals will be accomplished. The evil that men try to use to stop God's work will be used by God to accomplish his mission. The Pharisees, feigning compassion, warn Jesus to leave the area where he is, telling him that Herod wants to kill him. But the Lion does not flee from the fox. Jesus knows that he will not die in a desolate location, but that he will die in a heavily populated city, Jerusalem, which is known as a city that kills God's prophets. Jesus is the best of us and he offers salvation and eternal life as a gift, not something to be earned. But rather than receive this gift, men reject him, and crucified him to try and silence him. Yet God's work continues and his will is accomplished. As Christians we are to pray for those that try to silence God, who use evil to thwart his plans. God has a plan and he can not be stopped.

~ Clarence Kraft


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