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Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Nathan Anderson's sermon was from Luke 12:49-59. There is no shortage of people or organizations that say they can bring world peace. But God alone is the source of peace. In this passage Jesus said he did not come to bring peace, but division. He said this knowing that he would be rejected and that this rejection would divide people. God's truth causes people to feel guilty for how they live, so they reject the truth. This leads to them to try suppressing the truth and brings division between God's people and nonbelievers. Rejecting Christ is like sitting out in the open carrying on as if nothing is wrong as storm clouds gather overhead. Don't continue in your sins thinking you are righteous because you are a good person. Now is the day of salvation. No man or organization can bring peace. Only Christ and if you reject him you will face the fire.

~ Clarence Kraft


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