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Hear the Word of God and Do it

We share a brief synopsis of the sermon each week here on our blog. This synopsis we hope is a blessing to you as you enjoy the service and gives added clarity on the weeks passage and the purpose behind it. This week it is written by Clarence. Clarence has served on our board, he serves in our helping hands ministry and is faithful student of God's word. Here is his short recap of this weeks message.

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Luke 8:16-21. The light from the lamp in this passage is the gospel. When we hear and listen to the gospel we can see where we are straying and by obedience we can follow the path God has for us. Only after we apply this light to our life can we share the light with others.

The gospel illuminates our hearts and exposes us as either genuine or fake Christians. Genuine believers are blessed with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Obedience to God's word is where the rubber meets the road. Jesus is our Lord and must be obeyed. The current events have peeled off the veneer and removed the facade of our Christianity exposing the spiritual darkness in our churches.

We, I, have to admit that the real problem in our country is the sin in my own heart. The good news is that now is the time genuine Christians will shine. 

Clarence Kraft


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