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Multiply and Divide

Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Luke 9:1-9.

In  passage, Jesus sends out the twelve apostles to begin the task of building the Church. He gives them the authority and power to heal people and cast out demons. Jesus sends them with just the clothes on their back.

We are also called to build God's Church by telling others and then training new believers to spread the gospel. Yet, too many Christians, once saved, never grow and fulfill what God has called us to do. There will come a day when we are not allowed to publicly worship or discuss our faith or the gospel with others.

These past few months show that time is closer to becoming reality than we anticipated. Money, fine clothes, education, a nice building are unnecessary to tell others about Jesus. Be willing to share the gospel and what God has done for you with those you have contact with. Help build God's Church.

Clarence Kraft


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