Ready? Set... WAIT!

Waiting is SO hard! I'm so sorry we have to wait for race day, but it'll make it THAT MUCH SWEETER when we get to be together again & race.

I do hope this extra time is helpful & useful to work on your cars & dream up what they can be for race day!

I was thinking of you all today and made this video devotional-please watch it about how God may be working through a Red Light, Yellow Light, or Green Light.

After you've watched the video grab a piece of paper and write down what each color means. Think about what color season you might be in. I certainly think most of us are in the waiting, stuck in the mundane, waiting for things to go back to normal, see our friends, go to class, & be at church!

If your parents send in your answers to you'll get $5 to the Highland Kids Store!!! We'll have a store night as soon as we're back together again at Thrive!


Miss Claudia