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ReAlignment - I Will Build My Church

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Matthew 16:16-18. Prior to this year, no one would have questioned whether or not the Church is essential. But elected government officials said "no, it isn't" and mandated that churches close, while deeming liquor stores, pot shops, and abortion clinics essential and allowed them to remain in business.

However, the Bible says the church is essential. While closing church buildings may have saved lives, souls were lost. The Church is an assembly of people, and you can not have an assembly without people. Jesus, with certainty and intimacy, said 'I WILL build MY Church'. He has been doing that since he came and will continue to do that until he comes again. Any attack on the Church is an attack on Jesus and is an attempt by Satan to divide us.

Christians cannot survive on the internet church. We must assemble. Gathering is risky and health issues are real. Coming back is between you, God, and your doctor.  But don't stay away because of fear.

Clarence Kraft


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