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Save the Lost

Today at Highland Baptist Church, guest speaker Greg Scarato's sermon was from Luke 19:1-10. In this passage Jesus is passing through Jericho, on his way to Jerusalem.

A short, wealthy tax collector wants to see Jesus, so he climbs a tree to see over the crowd. Jesus walks up to him, calls him by name and tells him that he is to visit Zacchaeus at his house. The crowd is bewildered that Jesus is going to be a guest of someone they consider to be evil.

The visit changed Zacchaeus, who pledges to give away his wealth and power, showing his greater love and faith in Jesus. We can never be too far away that Jesus can not find us and save us. Jesus came to save us all. He initiates a relationship with each of us, but we must respond in obedience. He wants to be a part of our life.

Jesus came to save lost people.

~ Clarence Kraft

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash


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