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Sunday Services (Worship Set Vol 1)

Wow! It's incredible - and kind of mind blowing - to think that we just completed the fifth week of services for Highland. The Lord has enabled us to complete six services over these five weeks. I am floored by God's provision for our church in this time. I am thankful for how He, in His wisdom has given us so many tools at our disposal to share the Word and Worship in song.

I am astonished at our God - although, as I say that I realize I shouldn't be! He is the same God who did all those miracles in the Old Testament. He is the same God who took on flesh and literally made a way where there seemed to be no way for our eternal salvation by His incredible expression of love, mercy, justice and grace.

God is at work. He is about His church and His people.

I write all this because as we share this worship set with you all, I see it as an incredible expression of our sufficient God. There is no reason why our little church should be able to enjoy this type of blessing. To have such talented people as Pastor Danny, Pastor Sam and Carla, who have incredible gifts and who so humbly share them with us all, is rare. For God to have given us provision for recording, editing and posting services online is something we cannot take for granted. There are many churches for whom this is not possible.

If you decide to enjoy these worship sets again from our last five services, I pray they remind you that our God is good, gracious, and is providing abundantly for us in this time. I pray that they help lead your home and your souls into deep meaningful worship again and again, because they are all songs about our great Heavenly Father who loves each one of you, and who has made a way where there seemed to be no way.

Lord bless. The Andersons miss you all!


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