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The Rich Fool, Acted Foolishly

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Luke 12:13-21.

This passage is a warning of greed. Satan does not care how he wins as long as you lose. A selfish man interrupts Jesus, demanding that Jesus ensure that the man's brother divides the inheritance with him. Jesus responds with a parable of a rich man who decides he has enough wealth to stop working.

Jesus is warning of covetousness, when someone never has enough. Wealth can be good or bad depending on how you use it. The rich fool failed to realize where his wealth came from. Not understanding the purpose of wealth, he was selfish and gave no thought to sharing or generosity. He also thought he could cease being productive. When we retire we can use our time and talent to help spread the gospel.

The rich fool also made a horrible presumption, assuming he would have a long time to enjoy his wealth and that it would last. We never know what tomorrow will bring. It's good to earn money but don't forget that your ability to earn it comes from God. It is more important to build up heavenly treasure that will last eternally, then to focus on something you can't take with you.

~ Clarence Kraft


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