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You Give Them Something to Eat

Photo by Kate Remmer on Unsplash

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Nathan Anderson's sermon was from Luke 9:10-22. The apostles return from being sent out by Jesus. They have accomplished what Jesus sent them to do- teaching, healing, and casting out demons. Now a large crowd has gathered and after being spiritually fed, they are physically hungry.

Jesus tells the apostles to feed them. Seeing what little they have to feed them with, they miss the opportunity to allow their faith to accomplish this. We do the same with all the opportunities God gives us. We look at what we don't have and miss the opportunity to share his message. Jesus responds by having the apostles sit everyone down in small groups. Then Jesus takes five loaves and two fish and has the apostles start handing it out.

Five thousand men plus women and children are fed with plenty left over. God's power has no limits. Jesus gives them a second chance. After praying he asked them who the crowd said he was and received various responses. When Jesus asked who they thought he was, Peter correctly answered "the Messiah ".

When Jesus asks you to feed his sheep don't question what you don't have, rely on his limitless power.

Clarence Kraft


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