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Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Luke 15:11-32. This is the parable of the prodigal son. The younger son shames his father by requesting his inheritance. He wants the money, and doesn't care about his father. His father gives him his inheritance. This parable is not parenting advice. The father should not have granted his request. It does not take long for the son to squander the money and find himself in poverty. Freedom of the sinners will is the worst possible bondage. Freedom is found in restraint. But in his darkest misery the voice of the Holy Spirit breaks through. Acting on that moment of clarity, he returns home where he is received by the father with joyous celebration. The older son is not happy with the celebration of his brother's return. In his self righteousness he is just as lost as his brother was. He also is more concerned with wealth than he is about his father. No matter where you are, don't squander the moment of clarity. Follow through when the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Heaven rejoices when we are found.

~ Clarence Kraft

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