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This is how you pray

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Sam Porges sermon was from Luke 11:1-13. Jesus teaches his disciples what is known as the Lord's prayer. This prayer can be divided into four parts.

First is veneration, worship of God. We are to give God, our perfect and loving father, the glory due to him.

Second is, supplication, making a request. God is eager to meet the needs of those who believe in him.

Third is vindication, seeking forgiveness of our sins. God sent his son Jesus who willingly went to the cross for our sins. When we forgive others, we can have confidence that God will show mercy to us.

Fourth is preservation, keeping us from wandering from God, which we are so prone to do. We are to trust in God, not only for material needs, but spiritual needs. This prayer is not a chant. Our prayers must be honest and should reflect the season of life we are going through.

Whether we are joyful, happy, sad, lonely, whatever we are experiencing we can take it to God in prayer.

~ Clarence Kraft


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