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What IN the world are Christians to do?

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Nathan Anderson's sermon was from Luke 10:1-16. In this passage Jesus sends seventy-two disciples to spread his message that he is on his way.

As Jesus is entering the end of his ministry, there is an urgency to tell others about him. This urgency understands that there will be opposition. Enemies, like wolves in sheep's clothing, will try to deceive those who set out to do God's work and undermine that work. The urgency understands the resources.

They were to leave immediately, not making preparations. This teaches us that we are to trust that God will provide. The urgency understands the importance of the message. Jesus can return at any time. We may not have the luxury of putting him off until tomorrow.

We are called to spread the gospel to a world of souls who would otherwise perish.

by Clarence Kraft


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