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Who Then Is This?

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

We share a brief synopsis of the sermon each week here on our blog. This synopsis we hope is a blessing to you as you enjoy the service and gives added clarity on the weeks passage and the purpose behind it. This week it is written by Clarence. Clarence has served on our board, he serves in our helping hands ministry and is faithful student of God's word. Here is his short recap of this weeks message.

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Sam Porges sermon was from Luke 8:22-39. Jesus is asleep in the back of a boat. The disciples are afraid as they are caught in a life threatening storm. They wake Jesus and at his word the storm and the sea calms. This reminds us to not give in to our fears,  but to trust in Jesus to deliver us from our sufferings. 

They then sail on to a region called the Gerasenes where they are met by a man possessed by many demons. The demons recognize Jesus and because they know he controls their fate, beg him not to send them into the Abyss. Jesus allows them to enter into a herd of pigs who immediately commit suicide.

The people who feared the man,now fear Jesus and ask him to leave. The man is cured and wants to stay with Jesus, but Jesus tells him to return home and tell others what God has done for him. The man was saved by Jesus and then sent by Jesus, just like we are. When we are saved our mission is to spread the gospel. The gospel has the power to save and to give people hope and purpose.

Clarence Kraft


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