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Worship Music Resources

Hello, friends! Sam and I will be putting together some worship resources for you to be using at home with your families over the next days. We hope that they will be a blessing to you and also will help you feel more connected to the rest of your church family as we go through this season together.

We have this Spotify playlist, called HBC Worship Songs, ready for you with many of the songs that we sing together at Highland. We can't wait to sing these together with you again, but hope that these are an encouragement to you in the meantime. Our Heavenly Father is blessed by our worship from our cars, kitchens, and living rooms - not just from our church building! Let's dwell on truth and keep our eyes up!

You can also access this music by clicking "play" below.

(Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash)

A second Spotify playlist is called God, We Look to You. This has been put together with the intention of collecting songs that that aren't necessarily ones we sing corporately, but that can help cover our minds with truth. These are songs that directly speak against any fear or loneliness or doubt that may threaten our perspectives. My hope is that these songs will help point us again and again to our loving Heavenly Father, who is firmly in control of all things.


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