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Worthy ~ Revelation 4

Today at Highland Baptist Church, Pastor Danny Gardner's sermon was from Revelation 4:1-11. This passage gives us a description of heaven where the throne is the most prominent thing described, where Jesus is seated at the right hand of God. He sits on the throne because his work is complete.

John describes him as a diamond and a ruby, symbolic of beauty and authority. Twenty-four elders seated on a rainbow that surrounds the throne bow down in worship to Jesus. The rainbow is a reminder that the wrath of God will never overshadow his mercy.

Four living creatures covered with eyes guard the throne. The sea of glass symbolizes the purity and splendor of God. Everything is focused on the throne. When that is our focus we overcome the problems of this world.

The worth of Jesus is like gravity. He pulls everything towards him. In the midst of our troubles, he offers us safety and security if we tether our lives to him

~ Clarence Kraft


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